CEECONS PROCESS Equipment Design is time tested in rugged process environments in FERTTILISER, POLYMER, PETRO-CHEMICAL, REFINERY, BIO-MASS plants where the combination optimized power input efficient mixing are our routine.

Every mixer is designed based on the process task it has to accomplish and power is optimized based on flow and shear. Synergy of 32 years of field experience and CFD technique enhances every critical mixer design and construction.

Our pre and post supply field survey ensure flawless process and mechanical Design and construction.

Process Tasks Handled :-

Agglomeration Mass Transfer
Blending Ortho-kinetic Flocculation
Bingham Plastic Rheology Polymerisation
Coagulation Peri-kinetic Flocculation
Crystal Growth Rheopectacy Rheology
Dispersion Solid Suspension
Dialatant Rheology Thixotropic Rheology
Emulsification Viso-plasticRheology
Fermentation Viscoelastic Rheology
Gassing Hydrogenation
Heat Transfer Homogeneous Mixing